Producing high quality, close-tolerance precision machined parts starts with the machines themselves. Our equipment includes the latest in Swiss-style and conventional multi-axis CNC Turning Centers and CNC Vertical Turning Centers. We also have excellent and reliable sources for heat treating, precision grinding and plating.

Additionally, Prospect Products can assist in the prototyping process. Our experience is often called upon for production planning of new parts, or offering material and plating suggestions that can help reduce production costs.

But what really sets Prospect Products apart is our commitment to quality. We invest heavily in the latest inspection equipment, ensuring that each production run is thoroughly inspected to meet the most exacting quality standards before it ever leaves our shop.

Swiss CNC Turning

Swiss CNC Turning

Turning Equipment

Prospect Products utilizes state-of-the-art Citizen Swiss CNC Turning machines. Our facilities include:

  • Citizen Cincom C16 Swiss style 7 axis, 22 tool positions, bar capacity 5/8"
  • Citizen Cincom FL42 7 axis, 24 tool positions, bar capacity 1- 5/8"
  • Citizen Cincom L25 Swiss style 5 axis, 17 tool positions, bar capacity 1"
  • Citizen Cincom L20 Swiss style 5 axis, 16 tool positions, bar capacity 3/4"
  • Citizen Cincom B12 Swiss style 5 axis, 13 tool positions, bar capacity 1/2"
  • Citizen Cincom A20 Swiss style 5 axis, 21 tool positions, bar capacity 3/4" with high pressure coolant
  • Miyano BNA 42 MSY2 5 axis, 16 tool positions, bar capacity 1-5/8"
  • Eurotech Gepard 20mm 7 axis, 16 tool positions, bar capacity 20mm

Conventional Machining

Conventional Machining

Conventional CNC Turning Centers

Our conventional CNC turning centers are unsurpassed for quality and reliability using Miyano BNC42T Turning Centers: bar capacity up to 1-5/8 RD, chucking capacity 5″



CNC Vertical Milling Centers

Prospect Products employs vertical milling centers from Sugino, Tree/Kira and Haas to meet a wide variety of customer needs:

  • Sugino Self Center V8 3 axis, 8 tool positions
  • Sugino Self Center V9 (High Speed) 3 axis, 9 tool positions
  • Tree/Kira VTC-30 (High Speed) Machining Centers, 5HP, 3 axis, 10 tool positions
  • HAAS Mini Mill VMC-40 4 axis, 10 tool positions

Since 1979, Prospect Products has been dedicated to producing the highest quality precision machined products available anywhere. 

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