Who We Serve

We have broad expertise in the manufacture of poppets, plungers, shafts, washers, sleeves, nuts, blocks, along with a host of other customized parts. We produce parts from stainless and carbon steel, alloys, brass, aluminum and plastics. And we can do small jobs as well as large ones, with lot sizes ranging from 100 pieces to more than 50,000.


Our team has extensive know how when it comes to the manufacture of engineered precision components unique to the hydraulics and pneumatics industry. Components manufactured for these applications include: adapters, bushings, cages, poppets, spools and washers among others.

Food Service

We manufacture a variety of components for the food service industry.  Components machined to exacting tolerances of the food service market include: bushings, inserts, levers, pins, rods, rollers and screws.

Industrial Instruments

We are a supplier to respected names in the Industrial instrument industry.  Our experience in the Industrial instrument market has allowed us to deliver high quality components including: braces, lock rings, mouthpieces, nuts, rods, and screws.


Prospect Products Inc. is a precision machined component supplier to the electronics industry.  These components are produced to the exacting tolerances required by the electronics market.  Components that we manufacture for this industry include: bodies, bushings, cases, inserts, pins, rods, and screws.